6 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Dogs

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Having a dog is great. They’re loyal, fun to be around and they’re always there for you. Of course, dogs don’t know how to read a map or drive (probably because they can’t talk), so it’s up to us humans to show them the world. Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of amazing outdoor activities that your dog can enjoy with you! In fact, just about any outdoor activity you can think of has something for your doggo as well. Here are five ways that you and your pup can enjoy some quality time together in nature:


If you’re looking for a new way to bond with your dog, consider taking them on a hike. Not only will it give you the opportunity to get in some quality time together, but it is also great exercise and an easy way to get out of the house and into nature. Hiking is particularly good if you have small children or other pets at home because they can help keep up with your pup while getting some fresh air themselves.

Dog with owner while hiking

Hit the beach

The beach is a great place to let your dog have fun. The water and sand are sure to keep them entertained. But like any other activity, you’ll want to keep an eye on your pup as she romps around in the waves and digs up some treasure buried deep in the sand. Dogs can get dirty at the beach, but it’s ok!

If you’re going out on the water with your dog in tow. Make sure they’re wearing life jackets that fit properly and have handles so they can be easily picked up if needed. Ensure that their paws are protected by sandals or paw covers that stay put while swimming around. Trust me; I’ve had some close calls with my own dogs! You should also make sure they don’t overdo it when playing in shallow waters because of possible riptides (something else I’ve learned).

Make sure your pup gets plenty of fresh drinking water throughout their time at the beach. Those hot rays can really dry out their nose and tongue.

Dog at beach looking up at sky


Camping is a fun activity for both you and your dog. You can take them with you on camping trips. But there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience. Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before the trip, and they should also wear an identification tag as well as a collar with ID tags attached. Additionally, dogs should not be left unsupervised while in camp areas. If your dog has been properly trained and socialized prior to the trip. Then it’s possible that he or she will remain calm around other people, children, and other animals while camping.

dog with owner. both are in a tent. they are sitting in front of a camp fire

Dog friendly outdoor dining

There are few things more enjoyable than dining with your dog by your side. Unfortunately, many restaurants don’t allow pets on their patios and outdoor seating areas. That doesn’t mean you can’t go out to eat with your pup!

If you want to eat outside with your dog during the warm months, look for restaurants that allow dogs on their patios or outdoor seating areas. When you get there, remember these three things:

  • Bring water and food bowls (if they won’t already be provided).
  • Bring a leash and collar if they aren’t already attached to your dog’s harness.
  • Have fun!

Go to a dog park

A dog park is a great place for your dog to run around and play, but it can also be a fun way to meet other pet owners. Not only will you get to know other people with dogs in the area, but you’ll also be able to make new friends (or at least see if there are any cute singles out there!).

Of course, dog parks are also perfect places to socialize your own pup. It’s important that dogs get plenty of interaction from humans as well as other animals so they can learn how things work in society. The more opportunities your pooch has for this sort of thing, the better prepared they will be for whatever adventures may come along later on down the road!

Dog parks are also good spots for training purposes because there are usually set rules about what’s allowed within each one—which means less confusion when trying different techniques on different pets at once! Of course this depends on whether or not anyone else brings their pups along too; some people prefer keeping their pets separate while others feel comfortable mixing up all sorts of breeds together – either way works just fine!

Host a pet party

Hosting a pet party is a great way to get your doggo involved in the fun of summer. Invite friends, family and their pets. Have games, activities and maybe even a doggy pool and provide treats and snacks for everyone. If you want to throw an extra-special celebration, you can even hire a pet-friendly DJ so that the music will keep everyone entertained all day long!

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