How To Trim Overgrown Dog Nails

It might be difficult to properly trim a dog’s nails, especially if they are extremely long. Regular nail trimming is necessary since long nails can irritate your dog’s skin and create pain. Here are some suggestions to make the process less difficult and distressing for both you and your pet.

Purchase the appropriate equipment: Purchase a guillotine-style trimmer or a high-quality dog nail clipper. You could also want to think about using a nail grinder to gradually grind down the nail if your dog’s nails are really thick.

Get your dog accustomed to having their paws handled: Begin by delicately handling and touching your dog’s paws. If they are comfortable with you touching and holding their paws, gradually lengthen the time you spend handling them.

Find the quick: The blood supply and nerves are located in the quick, which is the pink portion of the nail. Easily visible quick on nails with a lighter colour. You might need to lightly press on the nail to feel the quick on nails with darker skin. Cutting the quick will hurt and cause bleeding; avoid doing so.

Cut the nails: Just above the quick, hold the clipper at a small slant. To avoid overheating the nail when using a grinder, grind it slowly. Repetition is required for every nail.

Praise your dog: To encourage good behaviour, give your dog praise and goodies after each nail is cut.

Frequent nail clipping will prevent your dog’s nails from growing out too long and make the process less difficult for both you and your dog.

You can assist in keeping your dog’s nails clipped and avert any discomfort or suffering brought on by overgrown nails by following these instructions. Keep in mind to be kind and patient, and if you’re not sure you can successfully cut your dog’s nails, think about getting a professional groomer or veterinarian to assist you.

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