Ways You Can Help

As animal lovers, a lot of us are looking to help and give back. You can make a difference by donating to animal-focused charities to help animals in need. A financial donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the lives of these animals.

We’ve curated a list of trusted charities that will use your donations to it’s best potential. 

1. Friends of Animals

This non-profit organization’s goal is to end the exploitation and cruelty to animals. Friend’s of Animals was founded in 1957 and they also have programs for spaying/neutering. 

2. Animal Welfare Institute

Having started in 1951, the Animal Welfare Institute has been dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by humans. They offer endless information and ways for you to support animals in need 

3. Alley Cat Allies

Their mission is to transform and develop communities to protect and improve the lives of cats. They give information on all things cat related and offer simple ways for you to donate and help cats who need it.

4. For The Love of Alex Inc.

This is a smaller non-profit organization who’s mission is to provide emergency funds for life-saving veterinary care of low-income families. Your donations can help save the lives of these pets.

5. Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Based in Temecula, California and 100% off-grid, their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and educate on behalf of these animals while promoting a cruelty free lifestyle and reducing their impact on the earth. They are helping farm animals escape from a life of cruelty.

6. Jane Goodall Institute

Advancing the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall. this organization is keen on saving chimpanzees from extinction and to help create a better world for people, other animals, and our shared environment. They offer all the information you could need on this subject. 

7. Red Rover

Best described as a charity that helps pets and owners in times of crisis. They offer shelters to displaced animals by events such as natural disasters. criminal seizures, and hoarding cases and they also are there to provide financial help and resources to pets in need.

8. Hope For Paws

They bring animals who are suffering from abuse, neglect, or injuries off the streets and provide medical care for them. They also work hard to find forever homes for these animals. You can find out more on their website or even go to their youtube channel. 

9. Angels Among Us

Dedicated to saving dogs and cats from high-risk situations such as over-breeding, illness, injuries, neglection, abuse, or saving them from high-kill shelters. At this point they have rescued over 20,000 animals since 2009.

10. House With A Heart

This is a sanctuary and forever home for senior dogs and cats. They take all of the animals’ needs for the rest of their lives, making sure they get plenty of love and affection from a team of volunteers. They offer many ways you can help support these senior pets to make sure the rest of their lives are filled with the care they need.

You don’t need to donate money in order to help

We understand that not everyone has disposable funds in order to donate to charities but there are other ways you can help such as volunteering at your local shelter, posting links to charities and shelters advertising their donations page, or you could donate toys or food to your local shelters.

There are so many ways to help and so many of them are simple yet many of us tend to overcomplicate the idea of helping. 

Do you have a charity or shelter you like to donate to? Let us know, we’d love to learn more.